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Our Credits - Prodent Dental Laboratory
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Our Credits

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"What ever you do do it so well, that when people see it they will want to come back again and bring their friends!"

Walt Disney

The aesthetic demands of patients have always been satisfied with the quality of work of Mona Zahra at Prodent Dental Laboratory. Her attention to detail is appreciated by our dental office and by our patients. Our dental practice focuses on delivering great customer service, and she is helping us achieve our goals with your craftsmanship and timeliness. I really have a good dialogue with Mona Zahra. She always checks with me if she has any inquiries regarding a case. The quick availability and collaboration had made working with Prodent Dental Laboratory worthwhile. Pro Dent Laboratory has always provided me with outstanding work.

Dr. Jocelyne Charest DMD –  www.smilinedubai.com
Dr. Jocelyne Charest DMD – www.smilinedubai.com,
Smiline Dental Centre

I am very confident sending my work to PRODENT and always getting exceptional results. I can trust them for high quality work on all my cases, from simple posterior crowns and onlays, to the most challenging situations like full mouth rehabilitation or single anterior crown. PRODENT truly makes patients satisfied and it makes me impressed and proud as well.

Dr. Eyad Hamade –  DDS, MSC  www.britishlasikdubai.com
Dr. Eyad Hamade – DDS, MSC www.britishlasikdubai.com,
The British Lasik & Cosmetic Surgery Center

I have worked with Mona on many aesthetic cases over the years, and have always been delighted with the results. She is very conscientious and takes her time to focus on the details which make her ceramic work look as natural as possible. Mona has a great knowledge of all the ceramic systems on the market and is one of the most competent technicians with E-Max in the Middle East. E-Max is my favourite material for its versatility in multi-unit cases involving a combination of veneers, crowns and bridgework. Most recently, Mona made a single central incisor E-Max crown, after a custom shading and custom finishing with the patient in her lab. It was the BEST single crown I have seen in my last 12 years of clinical practice. Matching the translucency, form and texture of the adjacent central so well, our expectations were far exceeded! I look forward to working with Mona on many more cases and will continue to work closely with her to deliver the best aesthetic results to my patients, at a reasonable cost.

Dr. Joy Matheson B(Ch)D  www.britishdentalclinic.com
Dr. Joy Matheson B(Ch)D www.britishdentalclinic.com,

With Prodent Dental Laboratory State of Art Cosmetic Dentistry, is easy to admire Mona’s Knowledge, Honesty, and high professional Standards! My patients were delighted by the results of her Meticulous Esthetic and Functional Dental Work! I highly recommended their services.

Dr. Soraya El Masri Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmesurge – Dubai -UAE www.cosmesurge.com
Dr. Soraya El Masri Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmesurge – Dubai -UAE www.cosmesurge.com,
CosmeSurge JMC

Mona has been associated with us since 2009. During this period we depended on Mona for the dental laboratory support. We used to send the patients down to her office for face bow registration, shade and stain selections. She also actively involves in the planning and design. She takes every work as a challenge no matter big or small it is. Every work from her has been a reflection of her artistic skills and the knowledge in the field. When we look back, we have been blessed with a colleague like Mona and trails of amazing successes stories and very happy clients. Clients loved her mannerism, honesty and approach. Our clients always felt that Mona was a good listener and time bound. She always maintained her professional ethics and confidentiality. We have always thought about her as a reliable and dedicated colleague whom we can count on. We recommend her anytime and wish her all best with her ventures in the future.

Dr. Afzal Ahmed Sharafuddin MDS www.dentalloungedubai.com
Dr. Afzal Ahmed Sharafuddin MDS www.dentalloungedubai.com,
The Dental Lounge

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital has been dealing with PRODENT Lab Since October 2011 till date. They have been providing us excellent results to our patients with good quality cosmetic (makeover smile) service (EMAX crowns & veneers). Ms. Mona Zahra has supported us in a very professional way and the quality time management always meets highly our expectation. Ms. Mona Zara is a Creative Artist. Wish you all success and keep up a good work

Dr. Maen Al Khateeb Director of Dental Department B.D.S., O.M.F.S., M.D.S.B.I., M.F.D.S Senior Cosmetic Dentist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital www.aacsh.com
Dr. Maen Al Khateeb Director of Dental Department B.D.S., O.M.F.S., M.D.S.B.I., M.F.D.S Senior Cosmetic Dentist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital www.aacsh.com,

The good results are always the fruit of teamwork, especially in dentistry, the success is achieved by planning, clinical and laboratory procedure conducted judiciously. Thank you all who collaborates with me in this fight that is to create smiles. I appreciate the spectacular works of my colleagues in (PRODENT) Laboratory who always value the partnership and communication dentist – technician which is with no doubt the key of success in dentistry.


It was my pleasure to meet Prodent Dental Laboratory team and to start working with the talented ceramists who provide me with nice artwork to treat my patients with more confident and fantastic smile designs. Since more than 20 months I started to send my cases to Prodent Dental Laboratory because they are professional, on time delivery and quick response for any urgent case with full support. With Prodent Dental Laboratory you can achieve high patient’s satisfaction rate including the shade, the quality and the shape. All the best and success for Prodent Dental Laboratory

Dr. William Alhalabi Australia Medical Center
Dr. William Alhalabi Australia Medical Center,
Australia Medical Centre

We Emirates Jordanian Diagnostic Centre (EJDC) believes that dentistry is an Art & Since. Therefore, we a pleased to send our appreciation to our artist at Prodent dental lab for their brilliant, harmonicon, superiority work to provide our patients with professional medical services that meet their expectation and discover their perfect smile with.

Dr, Salem Elhati EJDC, Dental Department
Dr, Salem Elhati EJDC, Dental Department,
EJDC, Dental Department

We at the Bright Smile Dental & Orthodontic Center would like to thank the Professional team at Prodent Dental Lab especcially Miss Mouna Zahra for her outstanding work, her big attention to small aesthetic details and fantastic results with the smile designs and beautiful artwork that made our patients highly satisfied and grateful for their new bright smiles. It is not always easy to find a dental laboratory. But with Prodent, we found the perfect partner to manage a great job to deliver the BEST SMILE every patient would love to have. Together, Hand in Hand, towards better aesthetic artwork

Dr. Hussam Chaykhouni Bright Smile Dental & Orthodontic Center www.brightsmile.ae
Dr. Hussam Chaykhouni Bright Smile Dental & Orthodontic Center www.brightsmile.ae,
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