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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]TRIOS-Ready-LogoProdent Dental Lab is now certified by 3Shape to accept TRIOS® impressions. We are ready to begin receiving your files immediately. There are few simple steps that you must complete to send your files and they are included below. More information on the TRIOS® digital impression system can be found at 3Shape Dental’s website.

______How to Get Set Up on 3Shape Communicate and Connect to Prodent Dental Lab?

1. Sign on to your TRIOS®

Choose “Configure”

Choose “Lab Connections”

Under “External Connection Methods” choose “3Shape Communicate”

2. Choose “Create Account” – This will bring you to www.3shapecommunicate.com

3. Now choose “Register” and “Register a Dental Clinic”

4. Complete all appropriate fields and click “Register”

5. 3Shape will send you an e-mail to confirm your account. Click the activation link in the e-
mail to activate your account.

6. Now sign in to your 3Shape Communicate account at 3shapecommunicate.com

7. Click “Connections” in the upper toolbar and then click “Add Connection”

8. Type in our 3Shape e-mail address, monazahra@gmail.com, and hit “Find”

9. Prodent Dental Lab will be listed after the e-mail address is entered.

10. Click on Prodent Dental Lab and hit “Connect”

11. We will then accept your request to connect, making our connection “Active”

12. You are now ready to Scan and send cases to Prodent Dental Lab via 3Shape